conference schedule

Friday 19 May

8:30am   Coffee

James English | Penn
Reading Goodreads : Literary Reception Studies at Scale

Andrew Goldstone | Rutgers
The Institutionalization of Genre Fiction

Philipp Löffler | Heidelberg
Serial Authority : Quality TV and the Novel

12:00pm   Lunch on the terrace

Günther Leypoldt | Heidelberg
Emergent Institutions? Reality Hunger (Knausgaard) vs. The Turn to Genre

Jeremy Rosen | Utah
Genre: In or As Institution?3:00pm   Coffee

John Alba Cutler | Northwestern
Newspapers, Latino Modernism, and the Strange Case of Gabriel Navarro’s
La Ciudad de irás y no volverás

Kasia Boddy | Cambridge
MFA vs NYT: Sifting the News in American Fiction Since 1970

5:15pm   Wine and cheese reception

6:30pm   Dinner for organizers and participants

Saturday 20 May

8:30am  Coffee

Michaela Bronstein | Stanford
Climate Change and Readers of the Future

Beth Blum | Harvard
Practicality Hunger

11:00am  Break

Vaughn Rasberry | Stanford
History’s Happy Endings: Bare Theory and the Novel

Sarah Brouillette | Carleton
The African Novel and De-Development

1:15pm   Lunch on the terrace

Merve Emre | McGill
The Institutionalized Empath

David Alworth | Harvard
Paratextual Art